In addition to doors and speed lanes, we offer total solutions in the field of security and facility processes. You can contact us to purchase hardware and our own software:

  • ntri Facilities
    All-in-one platform for organizing and managing facility processes
    Let tenants arrange, report and organize all facility matters themselves. ntri Facilities takes care of the management of properties with one or more tenants.
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  • ntri Access
    All-in-one access control platform
    With ntri Access we make a difference in the traditional market for access and facilities. Get started quickly and confidently with high-end access control, which can be fully monitored and managed remotely.
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  • Parking management
    End-to-end parking management
    At ntri we supply complete parking solutions and integrated parking systems that you can easily integrate into your existing IT landscape. Simplicity, certainty and safety are central.
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  • Toilets and Sanitation
    Online toilet management
    24/7 access to real-time toilet data supports facility management in efficient and sustainable toilet management.
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