Attendance registration

In today’s business world, tracking who’s present or absent on your premises at any given moment plays a crucial role. ntri’s attendance registration system provides you with a clear overview of the presence of your staff as well as external suppliers and visitors.

Benefits of a digital attendance registration system

  • Digitalisation

    With our attendance registration app, you have access to real-time data anytime, anywhere, ensuring efficient and informed business operations.

  • Safety

    By accurately registering the presence of staff, you not only ensure their safety but also that of your visitors.

  • Data analysis

    Better understand your staff’s working hours, breaks and attendance patterns to optimise business processes.

  • Automated recognition

    With our technology, the attendance registration process is automated, allowing returning employees to check in quickly and easily.

ntri Facilities total solution

Whether you’re looking for a specific attendance registration system or an integrated solution, ntri Facilities places the right tools at your disposal. This allows you to manage not only working hours, but also things like visitor registration and access controls. Together, they offer an efficient, safe and productive working environment for any organisation. A scalable solution that adapts to your specific requirements. All under one umbrella, simple and transparent for a fixed monthly fee.

‘Attendance registration provides insight into who’s present or absent and where individuals are located. Thanks to comprehensive attendance registration, you can ensure the safety of the organisation, employees and visitors.’

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