The office as a meeting place: the use of offices is becoming increasingly flexible. Collaboration within an office environment becomes more efficient when management and communication run smoothly. Keep management and use safe and flexible with our facility and security solutions.

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Optimise usage and management

How do you ensure that the office building and associated processes benefit both the manager and the employee? ntri offers advice, implementation and maintenance for facility management and access control.

From the main entrance to individual offices, from the pantry to the meeting room, from facility notifications to visitor registration: insight, flexibility and management from any location.

ntri Facilities and Access for offices

ntri has experience in delivering total solutions for business buildings, co-working spaces and corporate campuses. By integrating different access and facility systems, we create solutions with one identifier for parking access, office buildings, shared spaces and possible visitor registration.

Precisely set who has access when and where. Monitor the use of shared or rentable spaces to determine when cleaning or maintenance is needed. Clear and flexible. With ntri Facilities and ntri Manager, you manage these systems yourself in a secure way, supported by our expertise. Whether you just need access to the car park or a system that automatically shares maintenance notifications with users and service providers.

Our solutions

Advice, implementation and management

ntri provides advice, implementation and management for access, security, building management and facility processes within the business sector. Choose one of our integrated solutions or contact us for a tailored solution.

At ntri, we design total solutions for access, security, building management and facility processes within office environments. We collaborate with partners such as Axis and ASSA ABLOY for hardware, combined with our own innovative software. Intelligent solutions that are scalable, can be integrated into existing systems and are cost-saving.

‘In our work, the physical and digital worlds merge. Besides opening physical doors, we offer total solutions in the field of security and facility processes.’

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