Identifier & Access Management

Managing access is crucial in many environments. Whether it’s for entering premises, a building or using parking facilities, an identifier lets you easily regulate access. Identifier & Access Management ensures a streamlined, efficient and safe way to manage access control.

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Possibilities of an identifier

With an identifier, individuals can easily identify themselves to gain access. This can range from an RFID card or tag, PIN code, passport, number plate and physical key to advanced technologies such as biometrics or a smartphone. The unique thing about an identifier is that it can be flexibly applied.

An identifier lends itself perfectly to accessing premises, buildings and parking facilities. Moreover, each person can have their own identifier, each with different access rights, depending on their role or need.

Identifier and access control

The strength of our Identifier & Access Management solution lies in its integration. By combining this system with other hardware and software solutions, you can create a fully integrated identity and access management system.

This allows you to manage access control in a future-proof, high-tech and centralised manner from one clear dashboard. Whether you’re on-site or need remote access, the system is accessible 24/7.

Safe and flexible

The advantage of integrating Identifier and Access Management with our other solutions is that it is based on secure, open standards. This means it is not only compatible with the latest technologies but also meets the strictest security standards. Whether it’s everyday identity access management tasks or more advanced privileged access management needs, our system provides the solution.

‘Access control in the modern world means combining security with ease of use. We strive for intuitive systems that integrate seamlessly and are flexible.

Security, innovation and respect for privacy are at the heart of everything we do. We envision a future where technology and ethical responsibility go hand in hand.’

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