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Access control

Access control is more than just regulating who comes in. It’s about creating an environment that is safe, accessible and welcoming. With ntri’s advanced access control systems, you enjoy insight and convenience. Whether it’s a revolving door, speed lanes, lockers or sanitary facilities. Our solutions are scalable and remotely manageable, ensuring seamless integration within your entire ecosystem.

One access control system, countless possibilities

Imagine: you park your car, enter the building and get a cup of coffee, all with a single pass. Or tag, QR code, fingerprint – whichever identifier you choose. From authorisation rights to building optimisation, from the coffee machine to the toilet.

Our access control solutions are not only safe and efficient but also flexible. We recommend centralising all aspects of your access security on one platform. From lockers to payments, key management, time registration and parking management.

All access control solutions

Always in control of your access

Regardless of where you are, ntri is ready to seamlessly set up your access control system. We offer hardware solutions, such as access gates and revolving doors, and our unique software for efficient access control management. While security is our top priority, we also focus on the overall experience of all visitors. Whether customers, suppliers or employees – the door must be open to everyone. Safe and accessible.

We can also help you think about a robust governance strategy and managing your traffic flows, taking into account various scenarios – including in the event of emergencies and legal regulations such as the GDPR.

Total solutions: software and hardware

ntri understands that every company is unique. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions, ranging from our own software platforms to collaborations with leading hardware brands. And with our extensive stock we guarantee quick delivery, tailored to your needs

  • Doors, turnstiles, speed lanes

    Fully equipped with the latest technology, including cards and dongles.

  • Parking systems

    From simple barriers to advanced barrier installations with cameras and number plate recognition.

  • Camera systems

    Whether you’re looking for individual cameras, recorders or complete registration systems, ntri has you covered.

  • Intercom systems

    Systems that seamlessly integrate into your security infrastructure, from simple to advanced video intercom solutions.

‘Access control is not just about doors and locks, but about creating a safe, seamless and welcoming experience for everyone who enters.

At ntri, we achieve this by combining innovative technologies with a personal approach, ensuring every access point reflects trust and efficiency.’

Sjouke Wijnsma
director of ntri

There’s a shortcut to success. 

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Ready to take the next step in access security? Discover the possibilities of access control at ntri. We’re keen to learn about you and your situation.

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