Time registration

With ntri’s time registration software, you’re guaranteed an accurate and user-friendly way to record your employees’ hours. Crucial for companies with both full-time and part-time contracts, flexible schedules, irregular services and shift work. By implementing our online time registration, you can not only increase productivity but also reduce administrative burdens.

Benefits of a digital visitor registration system

  • Ease of use

    An intuitive interface makes time registration quick and simple for employees.

  • Flexibility

    Suitable for various types of employment, from regular office hours to shift work.

  • Data analysis

    Gain insight into work patterns and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

  • Integration

    Combine time registration with other functions such as access control or even as a payment card for the coffee machine, for example.

ntri Facilities

ntri Facilities total solution

Why limit yourself just to time registration? Seamlessly integrate time registration into ntri Facilities: a comprehensive Facility Management Information System (FMIS). This system brings managers and users closer together. In addition to employee time registration, it includes visitor registration, communication with suppliers and reporting repairs – all clearly and at a fixed rate per month.

ntri facilities

‘Attendance registration provides insight into who’s present or absent and where individuals are located. Thanks to comprehensive attendance registration, you can ensure the safety of the organisation, employees and visitors.’

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