Toilets and Sanitation

We offer various solutions in the field of sanitation and toilets. Besides complete toilet installations, we also offer software to monitor and manage toilets and have them cleaned.

Want to manage all your toilets online?

With our software, you have 24/7 access to real-time toilet data. You can integrate this into your existing facilities environment for efficient and sustainable toilet management.

The dashboard provides live insights into visitor numbers, the presence of cleaning staff, use of sanitary supplies, out-of-service notifications and alarm alerts. ToiletEntry is easy to integrate with your commonly used applications and FMIS.

Our solutions excel in efficiency and sustainability

Customer experience is our top priority. A pleasant toilet experience, with toilets that are always clean, safe and accessible, is central to this. Naturally, this also applies to individuals with disabilities.

With our software, you always have insight into the number of toilet visits and cleaning rounds, can see the duration per session and are promptly and automatically informed of any situations. Alarms (SOS, accessible toilet and smoke alerts) are efficiently handled.

There’s a shortcut to success. Try a different entrance.

Where do you encounter challenges?

We’d like to get to know your situation. Based on your needs, we can advise you on the most suitable situation. Smart, scalable and cost-efficient.

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