Payment systems

Our payment systems are designed to integrate into a variety of applications, from vending machines to parking systems and even online stores for ticket sales. Whether you need a physical till on-site or an integrated system for your e-commerce platform, we ensure safe and efficient integration of the payment solution.

Integrated payment systems

The major advantage of integrated payment systems is their ability to adapt to different platforms and environments. Whether you integrate them into an online store for ticket sales or in complex environments like parking facilities and hospitality venues, the payment systems ensure smooth transactions. Paying in cash, by credit card, PIN or contactless – it’s all possible.

Furthermore, the payment systems are easy to link with external services, allowing customers to pay through various portals. Functions such as direct debit, customised invoicing and even personalised payment portals can easily be implemented.

Benefits of ntri payment systems

  • Diversity

    From traditional systems accepting coins and notes to modern contactless solutions and online payment portals.

  • Integration

    Our platforms are web-based, making them easy to link with external parties and services.

  • Safety

    We use the latest security technologies to ensure that every transaction is secure.

  • Ease of use

    Whether it’s paying for parking or a cup of coffee, our systems are designed for speed and convenience.

Prefer to integrate your payment systems into an all-in-one solution?

Looking for an integrated solution where all payment systems seamlessly connect? With ‘Pay as you ntri’, we have been offering a concept that enables payment based on use since 2009. This not only gives you the freedom of flexibility but also constant insight into your costs and occupancy rate. From coffee machines to meeting rooms, from lockers to public toilets. With ntri Manager as our all-in-one solution, you have everything under control.

‘The future of payment is about convenience, security and trust. At ntri, we believe a good payment system brings these three elements together every time in order to create an exceptional customer experience.’

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