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Enhance your security and improve communication with ntri’s intercom doorbell. Equipped with crystal-clear cameras and vivid audio, our doorbell lets you see and hear every visitor clearly. Whether it’s day or night, you’ll know exactly who’s ringing without opening the door. With the ntri intercom doorbell, you combine convenience, security and technology – for worry-free reception of your guests.

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Professional intercom doorbell

The ntri intercom doorbell is the solution for modern businesses aiming for optimal security and communication. Thanks to the high-quality intercom camera, you can clearly see who’s at your door, no matter where you are. An indispensable feature for business environments where security and hospitality go hand in hand.

For larger living environments, such as apartment complexes and flats, our intercom doorbell provides an effective way for residents to identify their visitors before granting access, combining safety and convenience.

Safe and user-friendly

What sets our systems apart is not just the impeccable audio and video quality, but also the ease of use. Managing the intercom, whether locally or remotely, is intuitive. Moreover, the scalable technology and open standards ensure smooth integration with your current security infrastructure, guaranteeing a seamless transition and consistency in your security.

Gate intercom for business premises

ntri’s gate intercom is essential for businesses wanting to optimally secure their premises. This advanced system not only provides immediate communication with visitors at the gate, but thanks to the built-in camera, users can also see who’s requesting access in real time.

For business premises, this system offers the ideal combination: it enhances security by enabling users to make informed decisions about who enters the premises, while simultaneously allowing the flow of visitors to run smoothly.

Security systems for businesess

‘At ntri, we believe that openness and security go hand in hand. Our solutions, based on open standards and flexible technology, connect seamlessly to your current infrastructure.

This not only optimises overview and ease of use but also makes remote management a reality.’

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