Security systems for businesses

Discover ntri’s advanced security cameras for businesses and experience the benefits of streamlined security. Seamless, robust and efficient surveillance camera systems – fully tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s for an office, store, warehouse or an industrial site, we provide you with the ideal camera system for your organisation.

Professional security systems

As a provider of professional security cameras, ntri collaborates with renowned partners to offer first-class hardware. This is combined with innovative software for maximum user-friendliness and insight.

Our systems are available 24/7 for both local and remote monitoring, ensuring you always maintain control over your business’ security.

A complete solution for your security

Introducing ntri Access, an integrated solution that increases the efficiency and security of your business by linking our advanced security cameras to state-of-the-art access control.

The result? A forward-looking, high-tech installation that can be managed 24/7 – and is fully based on the safest and most open standards.

‘ntri was founded on the belief that closed security systems should open up more often. Not vulnerable – but accessible.

This might sound contradictory, but it isn’t. A solution based on open standards and scalable technology can be easily integrated into the overall ecosystem. This strengthens insight and convenience, and enables remote control.’

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