Visitor registration

An efficient visitor registration system is more than just a simple list of names at reception. A digital visitor registration system is a crucial part of your security. With ntri’s system, you not only gain clear insight into your visitor flows but also ensure the safety of both visitors and your staff.

Benefits of of a digital visitor registration system

  • Digitalisation

    A digital solution that ensures a smooth and professional first impression.

  • Security

    Link your visitor registration to your other security systems for optimal safety.

  • Data analysis

    Analyse visitor patterns to identify optimisation opportunities in business processes, from peak times to preferred days.

  • Returning visitors

    Automatically recognise returning guests for a more personalised and efficient check-in experience.

ntri Facilities

ntri Facilities total solution

Looking for a total solution for your facility or security management? Our visitor registration system can be provided as a standalone solution or a total solution. Give (end) users control with ntri Facilities: a complete Facility Management Information System (FMIS) that brings managers and users closer together. From visitor registration, communication with suppliers to reporting repairs, all easily and transparently for a fixed monthly fee.

‘In a world where first impressions count and security is of paramount importance, ntri’s digital visitor registration system always ensures safe and accessible entry.’

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