Locker management

At ntri, we transform locker management into a seamless and streamlined experience. With our cloud-based locker solution, managing lockers is simple and efficient. Our systems are expertly designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, not only providing better insight into usage but also allowing for remote management of lockers.

Locker management system

At ntri, we elevate locker management to a new level. Our system goes beyond merely opening and closing lockers. It’s designed to detect intrusions and release lockers based on attendance registration.

It’s even possible to automatically assign temporary lockers to visitors. This makes our locker management system an essential pillar in your facility management – contributing to security, efficiency and convenience. Our goal? To offer you and your users an optimal locker experience.

Want to open other doors with the same identifier?

Increase the efficiency and security of your environment by combining locker management with our advanced access control solutions.

These systems are designed to be managed continuously and remotely, using the safest open standards for seamless integration. This provides you with a comprehensive, future-proof security solution that always works for you.

‘ntri was founded on the belief that closed security systems should open up more often. Not vulnerable – but accessible.

This might sound contradictory, but it isn’t. A solution based on open standards and scalable technology is easily integrated into the overall ecosystem. This enhances insight and convenience, and enables remote control.’

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