Video intercom

Discover ntri’s secure, advanced video intercom systems. Our video intercoms offer more than just voice communication – they incorporate high-quality cameras to add a visual dimension to your security and communication.

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Professional video intercom

Ideal for organisations, apartment buildings and residential complexes. Our video intercom systems provide an efficient and secure way for residents to identify their visitors before granting access.

From simple intercom doorbells to advanced gate intercom systems, we have the right solution for every situation. Our video intercom systems are flexible, customisable and easy to manage, both on-site and remotely. They combine safety and convenience, ensuring you always have control over who enters your building.

Intercom camera

Our intercom cameras offer clear and sharp images, regardless of lighting conditions. Combined with the high-quality audio communication of our intercom systems, you can trust that you always have a complete view of who’s on the other side of the door.

Camera surveillance

‘At ntri, we believe that systems should open up without compromising safety. With solutions based on open standards and scalable technology, our systems integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

This enhances insight and ease of use and enables remote management.’

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