Barrier installations

Barrier with number plate recognition

At ntri, we specialise in innovative parking solutions and access control. Our barrier with number plate recognition ensures safe and efficient access control to your parking area, business premises or other locations where access management is desired. By combining a barrier with a cloud solution for access control, granting access has never been easier.

Integrating barriers into your parking management

Want to improve your traffic flow? This can be achieved by integrating barriers into your parking management. This helps prevent congestion, increases security and limits unauthorised access.

The use of barriers with number plate recognition makes it possible to automate access to your site. This saves a lot of time and manpower and simplifies management.

How does it work?

Barriers with number plate recognition use advanced cameras and software to scan and recognise vehicle number plates. When an authorised number plate is detected, the barrier automatically opens.

This system can also be integrated with other access control systems, such as card readers and intercom systems.

‘Why aren’t barriers open by default? We believe in smart (not everyday) solutions that are both welcoming and safe – and ensure a good flow.’

Sjouke Wijnsma
Director of ntri

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Want to integrate barriers into your parking management?

ntri offers integrated parking solutions. From barriers to access management. Both number plate-based and through uniform keys that can be used in the building. Smart, scalable and cost-efficient.

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