Why access control?

Why access control? The benefits at a glance!

Access control plays a crucial role in securing buildings and facilities. It helps companies maintain control over who has access to their premises and when.

At ntri, we know better than anyone that choosing the right access control system is not just a decision. It has a major impact on the security, management and efficiency of your organization. Consider the integration with existing systems or the scalability of the system. In this blog we highlight the five most important benefits of access control and how ntri’s unique solutions make these benefits even better. Let’s open the door together to a world full of new possibilities!

1. Control over who has access, where and when

One of the most important benefits of access control is the ability to determine exactly who has access, where and when. It allows you to determine exactly who gets access to specific areas and at what times. This way you can safely shield sensitive areas, prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of your employees and property.

With ntri’s innovative Identifier & Access Management software you can easily manage and adjust access rights. This way you not only keep unwanted visitors out, but you also ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

2. Remote management and insight of data

With ntri’s access control system you can manage your access remotely and easily gain insight into the data. This allows you to view the status of doors, change access rights, receive alarm notifications and keep detailed logs.

This way you can see exactly who has had access to which areas and when. Useful for audits or incident investigations, for example. You can also determine at what times of the day or night access is granted. Handy for companies that work in shifts. And this can all be managed remotely – so you don’t have to be physically on location.

3. Flexible software

ntri’s access control systems are designed to grow with your business. Our software is easily scalable and can be adapted to your changing needs. The access control system can also be integrated with other security systems, such as video surveillance or alarm systems.

Whether you want to add additional doors, implement new features, add more users or install the system in an additional location. With ntri you always remain in control, no matter how large or small your organization is. This means you don’t have to invest in a completely new system again if your needs change.

4. Safety

Access control systems help prevent unauthorized access to certain areas, improving the overall security of a location or building. At ntri, safety comes first. We believe that systems should open up more often, but of course in a safe way. In addition, you are no longer dependent on physical keys that are easily lost and human errors because the system is automated.

Our advanced solutions, such as camera systems, parking management, hinges and locks and turnstiles, ensure optimal security of your building. In addition, ntri uses the zero-trust security principle, so you can rest assured that your data and systems are protected from unauthorized access.

5. Time savings and ease of use

And lastly – but certainly not least – access control from ntri saves you a lot of time and effort. Efficiency and ease of use are crucial when choosing an access control system. Our systems are designed with user-friendliness in mind. This allows staff to quickly and easily access the facilities they need.

Furthermore, our software’s user-friendly interface makes managing access rights and monitoring your facilities a breeze. This way everyone can concentrate on what is really important: your company. In addition, automated processes, such as¬†visitor registration, can provide a smoother and more streamlined experience for both your employees and your guests.


The benefits of access control are clear: more control, improved security and time savings. With ntri’s innovative solutions you can take full advantage of these benefits and ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Our flexible software, user-friendly interface and unique products make it easier than ever to manage your access control and tailor it to your specific needs.

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