Why access control?

Parking management: an essential part of access control

When we think about modernizing urban and business landscapes, parking management plays an indispensable role. It is much more than just providing parking spaces – it is an integrated part of an organization’s overall access control system. But where should you turn when you are looking for a system where simplicity, security and safety are central? We are happy to help you with that at ntri!

The synergy between parking management and access control

Parking management is about the management and control of parking spaces within an organization. It enables companies to grant and restrict access, make optimal use of parking capacity and increase safety. When parking management is integrated with an access control system, it provides an extra layer of security and efficiency. It not only improves traffic flow and use of available parking space, but also increases user experience by making the parking process smooth.

Vehicle detection and U4GO

An innovative feature that is essential for effective parking management is vehicle detection. It detects the presence or passage of a vehicle. This is crucial for measuring traffic flows and controlling barriers, road blockers and vehicle access gates. These applications are suitable for any situation where vehicular access is required, such as parking lots, campuses, hospitals, warehouses and more.

At ntri we have joined forces with our partner CDVI. We offer the U4GO for efficient parking management. A series of high-quality UHF readers and transmitters with a frequency of 865 MHz. Thanks to the different antenna options, you can choose between a detection distance of 6 or 10 meters. Access can be granted using a card, a sticker on the windscreen or a tag for attachment to the license plate holder.

The long-distance detection guarantees access up to 30 km/h. This contributes to the efficiency of the access process and prevents delays at the access points. The result: a seamless user experience and increased security of your parking facilities.

How ntri can help

At ntri we strive to provide seamless, safe and efficient parking solutions. We understand that every organization is different. That is why our systems are not only functional and reliable, but also flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. Whether you want to strengthen security, improve efficiency or increase user experience, ntri has the solution for you.

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