June 14, 2023

A successful collaboration in access control with De Klok Logistics

De Klok Logistics is active in a wide range of logistics services, including transport, warehousing and distribution. Both nationally and internationally. With approximately 350 employees and almost 170,000 square meters of storage space spread across various locations in the Netherlands, de Klok Logistics is an important player in the sector. Despite the distance between ntri and De Klok, they were immediately charmed by ntri’s approach: committed, short lines of communication and a quick response.

De Klok Logistics

We spoke with Pieta, HR Manager at De Klok Logistics. With more than 37 years of experience within the company, Pieta is involved in various aspects within the organization, including access control. In this interview she shares her experiences with Ntri’s access control system.

The search for an access control solution

The history of De Klok Logistics goes back to 1941, when it was founded as a carrier collective in Nijmegen. The organization has experienced steady growth over the years, with a minor setback after a fire in 2008 and the credit crisis of 2009. However, De Klok Logistics has since fully recovered and has grown into a large organization. This brought about the need to look for a new, more suitable access control system.

“We were no longer satisfied with our previous system, as costs were skyrocketing due to the large number of employees we have. During our search for a better and cost-efficient solution, we quickly came across ntri. Although ntri is not close to Our company is located in Nijmegen, we were immediately impressed by their approach. They are involved, have short lines of communication and respond quickly. This approach suits us well and we were immediately enthusiastic about it.”

Efficiency and safety combined

“The ntri access control system has been implemented on all access doors of De Klok Logistics, giving us full control over who has access to the building and specific areas. This access control is invaluable and an essential part of our business operations, especially given the extensive warehouses in which valuable third-party goods are stored. The system allows us to secure every room and keep accurate track of who is where.”

“Every employee and regular visitor receives a personal pass, which gives them access to the relevant areas within our company. In addition, the system offers the flexibility to issue temporary access passes to, for example, technicians or visitors. Programming and authorizing all passes can be easily done by just two people within our company. This increases the efficiency of the security and control of our building. The result: a safe working environment.”

Flexibility and expansion options

“What I really appreciate about the ntri system are the easy expansion options. For example, when we open a new building, it is easy for us to add extra card readers and a modem to the ntri system. Everything is linked online, making the new area secure and operational within a few hours. This simplifies the planning and implementation of new access control points across our growing business.”

A solid partner for De Klok Logistics

De Klok Logistics’ experiences with ntri are extremely positive. “Problems are always resolved quickly, both online and by sending technicians. Although distance can sometimes be a challenge, we highly appreciate ntri’s good service and quick response. When other companies ask about our access control system, I have no hesitation in recommending Ntri. Furthermore, I have full confidence in working with ntri to support our company in future expansions and new projects.”

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